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We have very little documentation directed at general image processing. We are trying to rectify that however. For now we recommend the following documents from our FTP archive on in the iraf/docs directory.

A Beginner's Guide to Using IRAF (IRAF Version 2.10), Jeannette Barnes, August 1993

The IRAF Packages, IRAF Version 2.10 (Part A)

The NOAO Packages, IRAF Version 2.10 (Part B)

Rectifying and Registering Images Using IRAF, Lisa A. Wells, April 1994

Cleaning Images of Bad Pixels and Cosmic Rays Using IRAF, Lisa A. Wells and David J. Bell, September 1994

A Userguide to Fits format in IRAF, Nelson Zarate

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Last upated: 27April1995