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There are several manuals available to assist you with programming in IRAF; the one you will need will depend on the type of programming you expect to do. They are all available in the iraf/docs directory on the node ( by anonymous FTP. The documents are compressed so be sure to declare binary before the transfer.

1) scripts - An Introductory User's Guide to IRAF Scripts, revised by Rob Seaman, September 1989, 49 pages (, script.pdf). A slide overview is also available.

2) IMFORT - A User's Guide to Fortran Programming in IRAF: The IMFORT Interface, Doug Tody, September 1986, 29 pages [manual pages not included] (

Specifying Pixel Directories with IMFORT, Doug Tody, June 1989, 1 page [short memo describing a modification to IMFORT] (

3) SPP - An Introductory User's Guide to IRAF SPP Programming, Rob Seaman, October 1992, 76 pages ( The package of examples from the text is also available as is this slide overview.

SPP Reference Manual, Zolt Levay, October 1992 - see the archives at in the software/stsdas/v1.3/doc/programmer/spp directory.

4) There are many more older documents that may be referenced by the above that are also available. These are all listed in the TOC_vol3a.txt and TOC_vol3b.txt files in iraf/docs.

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