Deblending with SPLOT

This page illustrates deblending with SPLOT.

1. First start up SPLOT. Window around the region of interest with the 'a' key.

2. Now mark the continuum with at two points using the 'd' key.

3. After the second 'd' key you will be prompted to mark the centers of the lines to be fit. The type of profile is selected by using the keys 'g' for Gaussian, 'l' for Lorentz, or 'v' for Voigt. In this example 'g' is type at the three points shown by the tick marks. The tick marks are drawn after each line is marked.

4. After marking the lines type 'q' to go on to the next step of selecting what to fit. The first question is whether to use the marked positions with 'f' for fixed, fit a single position (the relative separations will be preserved) with 's', or fit all the centers independently with 'a'. In this example on the left we pick 'a' to fit all the positions. in the right panel the same choices are given for the widths. Again with pick 'a' to fit all widths independently.

5. The last question is whether to use the continuum entered or fit it simultaneously with the profiles. In this example with say 'n' for no. The last panel shows the result. At this point you can scroll up and down through the results on the status line with '+' or '-'. This same imformation will be saved in any logfile specified. To quit type 'q'. You then have the option to mark new lines or type 'q' to finally quit the fitting and return to the original SPLOT mode.

Below is an example of the log output recorded in "splot.log".

Jul 17 16:42 [spectrum]: Artificial Spectrum
  5243.732  118.6774  -1814.99     15.29  -69.2356     24.63        0.
  5283.931  114.4755  -950.069     8.299  -52.7154     16.93        0.
  5302.253  112.5603  -375.887     3.339  -27.6189     12.79        0.