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NOTE: The help pages served by this document are from the IRAF V2.12.1 export system at NOAO. Occassionally you will see a help page for new software, new options in existing tasks, or for tasks in an external package not installed at your site. Contact if you have any questions.

Distributed System Packages

dataio - Data format conversion package (RFITS, etc.)
images - General image processing package
language - The command language itself
lists - List processing package
noao - The NOAO optical astronomy packages
obsolete - Obsolete tasks
plot - Plot package
proto - Prototype or interim tasks
softools - Software tools package
system - System utilties package
utilities - Miscellaneous utilities package

External Packages

adccdrom - Extract data from the ADC CD-ROM catalogs
ared - Reduce data from the quad-readout ARCON CCD controller
ccdacq - Acquire direct CCD images at the telescope using ICE
color - Make color composites from IRAF images
ctio - Tasks pertinent to CTIO observing and reductions
ftools - FITS manipulation tools from HEASARC
imcnv - Import and export IRAF images to other formats
nlocal - Tasks pertinent to NOAO observing and reductions
nmisc - More tasks pertinent to NOAO observing
spptools - SPP programming tools
sqiid - Tasks pertinent to IR observing with SQIID
steward - Steward Observatory tasks and packages
stsdas - The Space Telescope Science Data Analysis System
tables - Tools for manipulating TABLES data files
vol - Volume visualization tools
xray - PROS software for ROSAT data

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