Solaris/IRAF Site Manager's Guide

Solaris/IRAF Site Manager's Guide

Doug Tody, Mike Fitzpatrick

IRAF Group
National Optical Astronomy Observatories1
May 1995


An IRAF site manager is anyone who is responsible for installing and maintaining IRAF at a site. This document describes a variety of site management activities, including configuring the device and environment tables to provide reasonable defaults for the local site, adding interfaces for new devices, configuring and using IRAF networking, the installation and maintenance of layered software products (external packages), and configuring a custom site LOCAL package so that local software may be added to the system. Background information on multiple architecture support, shared library support, and the software management tools provided with the system is presented. The procedures for rebooting IRAF and performing a sysgen are described. An introduction to graphics and image display on the Sun workstation is provided. The host system resources required to run IRAF are discussed.

Table of Contents

A PostScript version of this Site Manager's Guide is available from the IRAF FTP archives.

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