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The IRAF Project maintains a Listserver for our archive which can be used to subscribe to the ADASS Newsgroup Hierarchy, allowing posted messages to be forwarded to you via e-mail.

The list server address is To get information about the list server send it the following request:

This will cause a list of all the commands recognized by the list server to be returned via e-mail, or you can preview what is returned from this page. To subscribe to a newsgroup send the following request to the listserver: e.g. to keep up on the latest news and bugs: Note that the "dashed" form of the newsgroup/list name is used for the listserver, rather than the "dotted" form. Multiple requests can be included on successive lines, for example to subscribe to multiple newsgroups. To unsubscribe from a news- group send the "unsubscribe " request.

Posting Messages/Questions

Messages or questions may be posted to any of the ADASS newsgroups by sending mail to the "dashed" form of the newsgroup/list name. For example. Messages should be sent individually to each group to avoid possibles problems with cross-postings. Questions may also be send to to contact the main technical support line if a more immediate response is required.
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Last updated: 3May1995