IRAF V2.10.4 on CD-ROM

The IRAF V2.10.4 release is now available on CD-ROM for those who cannot or prefer not to download the distributions from our anonymous ftp archive. This CDROM contains the network archive distributions for IRAF V2.10.4 on SunOS4, Sun Solaris, PC-Linux, and DEC Alpha OSF/1 platforms. In addition to the standard IRAF release, there are a number of addon or layered packages available which may be optionally installed in IRAF. This includes new software which is still undergoing testing, optional packages which everyone might not need, and user contributed software. Selected IRAF manuals, cookbooks, technical papers, and so on are available in printable text or Postscript form.

While the normal CD-ROM contains only the V2.10.4 systems, requests can be made to include other distributions which have not yet been updated. There is a small cost the for the CD to cover handling charges. It may be ordered by returning the ORDERFORM found in our ftp archive.

Other CD-ROMs are planned in the future, including perhaps a runtime disc for all PC/IRAF systems.

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Last updated: 12Oct1995