Mirror of NOAO IRAF Archive now available at ST-ECF

In order to make access to the IRAF archive easier for local ESO users and European users in general a "mirror" of the NOAO IRAF ftp directory tree, including all the Web pages, has been established at the ST-ECF. This mirror is automatically updated each night to keep it identical to the Tucson version. This means that the latest information about IRAF will be available at the ST-ECF within a day of the changes being made in Tucson.

The Web pages, which contain most of the information of interest to users, can be accessed at http://ecf.hq.eso.org/iraf/web . The IRAF ftp archive, which contains the software distributions for many platforms and also many layered products, is available at http://ecf.hq.eso.org/iraf/ftp or via anonymous FTP at ftp://ecf.hq.eso.org/iraf.

We hope that this IRAF mirror will be useful to people who find it easier to connect to ESO/ST-ECF than Tucson. I am very grateful for help and encouragement from Mike Fitzpatrick (NOAO) and Dave Terrett (RAL) who did most of the work the first time around when they set up the RAL mirror in the UK.

Richard Hook, ST-ECF

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Last updated: 19Mar1997