GUIAPPS - IRAF GUI Applications Package

IRAF GUI Applications Package Now Available

Updated: 24Jul2001

Some time ago we started a project to develop prototype IRAF applications with integral GUIs (graphical user interfaces). These applications have long since served their purpose in prototyping new technology for science GUIs and component-based applications in IRAF. The GUI prototypes are much more than just technology prototypes however: these are very useful science applications with many new features, with a nice graphical user interface to boot. With the release of IRAF V2.11.3 and X11IRAF V1.2 earlier this year (including the latest hooks needed to run IRAF GUI applications) it became possible to wrap up work on the GUI prototypes and get them out for people to use.

The prototype GUI applications are contained in the package GUIAPPS. This package is available from the /iraf/extern directory of the IRAF archives as the following files:

    guiapps.readme		Installation Instructions
    guiapps.tar.gz		Source
    guiapps-bin.ssun.gz		Binaries

See the URL for more detailed information describing the applications, including screenshots of the GUIs, the software requirements needed to run the GUIs, and how to use them.

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