IRAF V2.11 for OpenVMS Now Available

IRAF V2.11 support for VMS systems running OpenVMS 7.1 and later versions is now available in the IRAF archives on

This distribution completes the initial round of IRAF V2.11 platform upgrades (patch upgrades for all supported platforms will follow later this year). This will most likely be the last major release of IRAF for VMS. We will continue to support IRAF V2.11 on this platform, but we expect to drop support for VMS with the next major IRAF release.

We would like to thank STScI for helping us test VMS/IRAF, and for providing access to their machines to help prepare the upgrade.

This distribution of VMS/IRAF is at patch level V2.11.1, the same version of IRAF as for all the other currently released V2.11 platforms (plus a few additional bug fixes found during testing of this port).

This distribution includes support for both Alpha and VAX architectures. Please see the README file for details on how to install either one in your system.

Native VMS support for image display is possible using Saoimage, and interactive vector graphics is provided by a VMS port of Xterm. Binaries for both are included with the distribution. VMS/IRAF also includes networking support, allowing Xgterm and Ximtool (or SAOtng etc.) running on a Unix workstation to be used for a VMS/IRAF session.

The distribution consists of a number of compressed files which can be dowloaded via ftp, or ordered at cost as a mailed distribution.

Once the distribution files are restored to disk locally, they can be uncompressed and then installed using VMS BACKUP. A VMS version of the UNZIP utility is provided with the distribution for uncompressing the distribution files.

See the distribution README file for additional detailed information on the release, including notes on the different platforms. This is online in the distribution directories as
As always, please report any problems including any errors in the release documentation, especially if you encounter problems shortly after a release.

Late breaking news about minor updates, or workarounds for installation problems, will be found at the end of the distribution README file (which is updated periodically following a release), or in the adass.iraf.system newsgroup and mailing list. This and other IRAF-related newsgroups are available via email subscription via a form in the IRAF web pages, or by mail to

Nelson Zarate
Doug Tody

Tue Feb 2 13:54:56 MST 1999

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