Release Announcement Redhat 5.2 binaries


Tue Dec 7 12:24:13 MST 1999
A major new release of PC-IRAF is now available for all supported PC-IRAF
platforms.  This includes FreeBSD, Slackware Linux, RedHat Linux (including
RH5.2), SuSE Linux (new port; mostly used in Europe), and Solaris x86 (new
release).  Linux on the Macintosh is not yet supported, although it is next
up on our platform support queue.

The PC-IRAF release is available from in the /iraf/v211/PCIX
directory.  Both the full distribution and patches for older V2.11.1
systems are available.  See the README file in the distribution directory
for details.

The new PC-IRAF release is IRAF V2.11.3, identical to the V2.11.3 release
for the Unix workstations.

Additional detail on these releases and other IRAF developments is available
via the IRAF web pages at

See the URL for a detailed description
of what is included in the fall 1999 V2.11.2 and V2.11.3 patches.  Most
of the new features were introduced in V2.11.2.  V2.11.3 mostly consists
of additional bug fixes, minor changes related to the PC-IRAF upgrades,
and a few isolated minor application enhancements.  The system notes file
(iraf/local/notes.v211) documents these revisions in detail for the core

Any problems that come up after the release will be either noted in the
distribution README files or posted to one of the IRAF mailing lists
(adass.iraf.system, adass.iraf.applications, adass.iraf.buglog, etc.).
You may want to subscribe to one or more of the mailing lists to keep up
to date on IRAF developments, to get answers to problems, or otherwise
stay in contact with other IRAF users and the IRAF developers.  To subscribe
to an IRAF mailing list, either use the form at

or send a subscription request to the IRAF list server at

Sun Dec 12 1999  -- Redhat 5.2 binaries

The default Redhat distribution (rhux) was built for RedHat 6.1 and does
not support earlier versions of RedHat, such as 5.2.  RedHat changed a lot
over this period due to changes in the GLIBC libraries and EGCS compiler
support.  Hence a separate set of binaries are needed for each version of

We are providing temporary support for RedHat 5.2 since the 6.x versions
are relatively new and many people have not updated yet.  To install IRAF
for RedHat 5.2 you install normally as you would for the default system,
but substitute the RedHat 5.2 binaries.   These are provided in the
following distribution files:

    rh52-bin.redhat.tar.gz              replaces unix/bin.redhat
    rh52-ib.rhux.x86.gz                 core system binaries
    rh52-nb.rhux.x86.gz                 noao package binaries

To configure your PC-IRAF installation for RedHat 5.2, install the rh52-ib
and rh52-nb files above instead of ib.rhux.x86 and nb.rhux.x86.  Go to the
unix subdirectory and do the following:

    % cd $iraf/unix
    % mv bin.redhat bin.redhat-6.1
    % mkdir bin.redhat-5.2
    % ln -s bin.redhat-5.2 bin.redhat
    % cd bin.redhat-5.2
    % tar -xpvzf [dir]/rh52-bin.redhat.tar.gz

The resulting system will support RedHat 5.2 but not 6.x; it will be
necessary to upgrade the binaries if your Linux installation is later
upgraded to 6.x.  Users with problems or questions are encouraged to
contact site support (

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Last updated: 13 Dec 1999