PC-IRAF V2.11 for RedHat 6.0 Emergency Port

Many people have installed the recently released RedHat 6.0 and have written to us to complain that IRAF no longer runs. Trying to execute any process results in an immediate "undefined symbol: __setfpucw" error.

We looked into this initially hoping that there would be a quick fix, such as patching libc.so, installing some compatibility libraries at the host level, replacing the Linux loader, etc. Unfortunately this proved to not be possible. Redhat 6.0 introduces the EGCS compilers, a major rewrite of the GNU compilers, and a major new version of libc, glibc2. glibc2 in particular is a major rewrite of Unix standard i/o and, while the new implementation is completely within the technical specification of Unix stdio, it does things quite differently than most Unix stdio implementations, and this broke some code in IRAF which has worked for a long time on a lot of Unix platforms! In any case, the changes to the system stdio include files for glibc2 are major enough that any old dynamically linked executables or i/o libraries will probably have to be recompiled (not just IRAF programs).

Given this situation we decided to just go ahead and do a fresh port of IRAF (the public V2.11.1 release) to RedHat 6.0. We needed to do this anyway soon to support the EGCS compilers and glibc2, which will appear soon in other platforms. In the process we fixed some old (fairly minor) PC-IRAF problems, such as the "f2c.h not found" message sometimes seen when compiling IRAF external packages.

The upgrade files will be found in the "rhux-6.0" subdirectory of the V2.11 PCIX (PC-IRAF) distribution.

A full install is required to install the new version, since all the HSI binaries (included in the AS distribution) were updated, as well as the RedHat Linux (RHUX) BINs. However, since the IRAF version has not changed you can keep all your old local configuration files and move them into the new system. In other words, don't merely update the "bin.redhat" directories at $iraf and $iraf/noao! You need to install the "AS" (all sources) distribution as well to get the updated HSI binaries and related HSI source changes. If this is not clear, just follow the directions for installing or updating IRAF as documented in the README and the installation documentation.

This release should not be confused with the upcoming IRAF V2.11 patch and PC-IRAF upgrade. This will be a new version of IRAF. It will support RedHat 6.0 or later versions, but will be a major upgrade of IRAF itself as well. The current release is only for people installing RedHat Linux/IRAF on a RedHat 6.0 system. If you are running IRAF on a RedHat 5.2 or earlier system, you do not need to upgrade.

An excerpt from the PC-IRAF README containing more detailed upgrade information follows.

--------- Excerpt from /iraf/v211/PCIX/README ---------

Sun May 23 1999 -- RedHat 6.0 Emergency Port

The recent (April/May 99) RedHat 6.0 release features new compilers and a new version of the glibc libraries which broke the existing RHUX distribution, which is linked shared (i.e. dynamically loads libc). The characteristic error is "...undefined symbol: __setfpucw" when trying to run any IRAF executable linked under RedHat 5.X. An emergency mini-port of V2.11.1 system to RedHat 6.0 been done since the RedHat release of IRAF would no longer run at all on this platform.

RedHat 6.0 users should follow the normal RHUX architecture installation instructions, but download *all* distribution files from the 'rhux-6.0' subdirectory. Specifically, the distribution is contained in the following subdirectories:

    rhux-6.0/as.pcix.gen        PC-IRAF distribution for RedHat 6.0 systems
    rhux-6.0/ib.rhux.x86        Core IRAF binaries for RedHat 6.0 systems
    rhux-6.0/ib.rhux.x86        NOAO package binaries for RedHat 6.0 systems

A full installation will be required since the current HSI binaries (e.g. the XC and MKPKG binaries used in compilation, SGI translators used for hardcopy, etc) will not work under RedHat 6. The IRAF version has not changed, but some system files have been modified and everything has been recompiled. Local configuration files, including everything in DEV and most things in HLIB, are unchanged and do not have to be diff/merged (exceptions are irafuser.csh and f77.sh in HLIB, and hlib$libc/kernel.h, which are not normally modified when the system is installed).

Anyone with problems or questions should feel free to contact site support (iraf@noao.edu).

Sun May 23 22:25:22 MST 1999

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