Tue Dec 7 12:24:13 MST 1999
An upgrade to IRAF V2.11.3 for all SunOS and Solaris platforms is now
available on in the /iraf/v211/SSOL directory.  Both the
full distribution and patches for older V2.11.1 and V2.11.2 systems are
available.  See the README file in the distribution directory for details.

Updates for the remaining Unix workstation platforms (HP/UX, SGI IRIX,
Compaq / Digital Unix, IBM AIX, OpenVMS) have in most cases already been
built, and will be released in a few days following testing.

The new release contains many new features and bug fixes, and has been
tested for Y2K compliance.  Any old IRAF installations will need to be
updated to the new release to fix Y2K-related IRAF bugs and add support
for the revised FITS DATE-OBS Y2K-compliant date and time keyword.

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Last updated: 07 Dec 1999