New X11IRAF Release Now Available

A new version of the X11IRAF graphics and imaging package (including the utilities xgterm, ximtool, and xtapemon) is now available from the IRAF archives and mirror sites in the /iraf/x11iraf directory. The new X11IRAF package features a new version of ximtool, manual pages for each program, and a global Imakefile to allow the package to be built easily from source.

This release includes all the new ximtool enhancements that have been discussed in recent months:

        - Hardcopy Capability
            - EPS to disk or (configurable list of) printers
            - Optional color output (PseduoColor or RGB)
            - Image Annotation
        - Image Load Capability
            - Load from command line or GUI browser
            - Supports IRAF, FITS, GIF and Sun Rasterfile (more planned)
            - Custom colormaps or grayscale conversion
            - Automatic zscale transform
        - Image Save Capability
            - Supports FITS, GIF, Sun Rasterfile (more planned)
            - Optional color (depending on format)
        - HTML browsable on-line documentation
        - Keystroke Accelerators for Common Operations
        - Command Line Options
        - Expert mode interactive Tcl shell
        - Full Documentation
The default ximtool GUI included in this release is unchanged from earlier versions except for additional popups for print, save, load, etc., the addition of keystroke accelerators, and online help. For the adventurous an alternative GUI is available with the source distribution. To use it, start ximtool with the command
        % ximtool -gui //x11iraf/ximtool/ximtool-alt.gui
This GUI is functionally the same as the standard GUI but moves some common functions to "flip-out" panels on the main menu bar. Use the "-help" flag for a list of other command line options. SAOtng, available from SAO, provides another example of an alternative ximtool GUI.


The new release is available as precompiled binaries or source via anonymous ftp to
or from any mirror. See the README file for more information in the distribution files.

A V1.1 release is planned within the next several months to fix any bugs found in the V1.0 release, and to add some Gterm widget enhancements which we did not have time to get into this release.

Please send and problems, suggestions, or questions via email to or via USENET to the adass.iraf.system newsgroup.

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Last updated: 12Mar1997