Mon May 1 16:46:24 MST 2000

A new version of the X11IRAF tools (XGterm, XImtool, etc) is now available
from the IRAF network archive at the location:


Distribution files include the following:

    x11iraf-v1.2-src.tar.gz             Source files

    x11iraf-v1.2-bin.alpha.tar.Z        Alpha Tru64/OSF binaries
    x11iraf-v1.2-bin.freebsd.tar.gz     FreeBSD binaries
    x11iraf-v1.2-bin.hp700.tar.Z        HP-UX 10.20 binaries
    x11iraf-v1.2-bin.linux.tar.gz       Linux binaries
    x11iraf-v1.2-bin.linuxppc.tar.gz    LinuxPPC binaries
    x11iraf-v1.2-bin.sparc.tar.Z        SunOS binaries
    x11iraf-v1.2-bin.ssun.tar.Z         Solaris binaries
    x11iraf-v1.2-bin.sunos.tar.gz       Solaris 7 for Intel binaries

The new version should also appear at our mirror sites within the next
day or so.  At this time we do not have pre-built IRIX or AIX binaries
but the tasks will build from the sources.  See the README.install file
for detailed instructions.  The "linux" binaries were built on a Slackware
system but are known to work on most other recent Linux systems.

X11IRAF V1.2 is primarily a bug fix release (along with adding new platform
support), however there are a few changes or enhancements worth noting:

    XGterm              - Now based on X11R6 version of Xterm
                        - Fixed a lot of memory leaks, program should be
                          more stable

    XImtool             - Print panel now allows control over hardcopy
                          annotation options
                        - Panner and Magnifier can be toggled with Ctrl-P
                          and Ctrl-M
                        - New Ctrl-Arrow keystrokes to move frame one full
                          panner width, Ctrl-Alt-Arrow will move 1/2 width
                        - TIFF added as a new output format option for the
                          Save command.

    CDL                 - The Client Display Library V1.7 is now included
                          with the main X11IRAF distribution.

There were numerous bug fixes to the various widget code and a new 'Tabs'
widget was added to the toolkit.  Interested users should consult the
detailed Revisions file in the source distribution for a full list of

A minimal installation requires only the binary archive for a given
platform, this includes binaries, man pages and possible app-defaults
files for the XGTERM and XTAPEMON tasks.  Once unpacked, all that is
required to do the install is to manually move the binaries to /usr/local/bin
(or wherever you wish to install them), the app-defaults files to
/usr/lib/X11/app-defaults, and the man pages to e.g. /usr/local/man/man1.
The CDL library and it's include files may optionally be installed in e.g.
/usr/local/lib and /usr/local/include but these are not required.

Anyone with problems or questions should feel free to contact IRAF site
support, iraf@noao.edu.