SYSINFO - An IRAF Installation Diagnostic Tool

SYSINFO - An IRAF Installation Diagnostic Tool

Updated: 11Aug2000

A new diagnostic program for IRAF installations is now available as a beta release from

The SYSINFO command is a C-shell script which can be executed by IRAF site managers or users to display information about the current platform and IRAF installation, as well as run numerous (several dozen) diagnostic checks on nearly all aspects of the system. Current tests include

Sample output from the task run on one of the NOAO systems is available so you can get a better sense of what the program does.

The script does not take any corrective action itself but recommends fixes when problems are found. It is meant to be used by site manager's to diagnose problems on systems, or to verify that IRAF is correctly installed on a particular machine. The script essentially performs all the checks on a system that IRAF site-support would do by logging in remotely, only more comprehensively and automatically.

To use the program simply download the script and make it executable, it may be run from any directory and will use the iraf root path defined in the environment or derived from the /usr/include/iraf.h file. A "-help" flag is provided to display usage information.

The program has been tested as well as can be expected but requires real-world testing and feedback to be improved. Future work on improving the installation and configuration of IRAF is planned so any comments are gratefully accepted.

Please contact with any comments, questions, or bug reports.

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