Fri Feb 11 11:42:16 MST 2000

Due primarily to a serious bug in the V2.11.3 version of onedspec.dispcor
(see notes below) we are issuing an applications patch for IRAF V2.11.3.
Since we already had to put out a patch we included a few other more minor
applications bug fixes as well.

This patch affects the TV.IMEDIT task and the ONEDSPEC, APEXTRACT, and RV
packages.  No other IRAF software is affected.  The patch includes new
executables for the above packages, plus updates for a number of runtime
and source files.

There is one patch file for each target architecture (Sun sparc, Sun
solaris, SGI IRIX, Redhat Linux, etc.).  The runtime and source files are
duplicated in each patch, so it does not matter how many patch files you
install or what order they are installed in.  To install the patch you
need only uncompress and untar the patch file in the IRAF root directory.
See the README file in each distribution directory for more detailed
installation instructions.

The patch files will be found in the distribution files, e.g.

    DUNX/patch3a-dunx.tar.Z                     Compaq/DEC Alpha
    HPUX/patch3a-hp700.tar.Z                    HP/UX
    IRIX/patch3a-irix.tar.Z                     SGI IRIX
    PCIX/patch3a/patch3a-fbsd.tar.gz            FreeBSD
    PCIX/patch3a/patch3a-lnux.tar.gz            Slackware Linux
    PCIX/patch3a/patch3a-rhux.tar.gz            Redhat Linux 6.1
    PCIX/patch3a/patch3a-rhux52.tar.gz          Redhat Linux 5.2
    PCIX/patch3a/patch3a-ssol.tar.gz            Solaris x86
    PCIX/patch3a/patch3a-suse.tar.gz            SuSE Linux
    SSOL/patch3a-sos4.tar.Z                     SunOS
    SSOL/patch3a-ssol.tar.Z                     Solaris

NOTE -- Patch3a is an incremental patch for the V2.11.3 release only.
IRAF must already have been upgraded to V2.11.3 before the patch is installed.
The existing V2.11.3 distribution files have not been modified and DO NOT
include patch3a.

--------------------------- Revisions Notes ---------------------------------


    A minor change was made to trap certain error conditions and quit with
    a meaningful message.  In particular, the case where the "imdir"
    directory is not readable is caught.


    This patch fixes bugs 460 and 462.  These serious bugs prevent use of
    the "global" option and application of the correct dispersion function
    from the database.  The latter bug is particularly serious since an
    incorrect dispersion calibration can result with no indication of a


    This patch fixes bug 453 concerning incorrectly setting the coordinate
    system when extracting a piece of a log-linear sampled spectrum.


    This task was extended to allow flux calibration against a blackbody
    of specified temperature and magnitude.  This is done using a new
    calibration directory, onedstds$blackbody, which is included in the


    A bug was fixed that causes an error message about not being able to
    delete the DC-FLAG keyword.  This occurs only with one dimensional
    spectra that just have the most basic header information such as when
    importing a 1D spectrum with only the FITS coordinate keywords.
    Spectra extracted and calibrated within IRAF do not have encounter
    this problem.


    This patch fixes bugs 459 and 461 caused by inadvertently linking
    against an older version of the code.  The bugs are that the
    "apertures" parameter is ignored during extraction and extractions to
    "onedspec" format produce file names with an extra sequence number.


    This patch fixes bug 456 concerning a floating overflow exception which
    can occur with images where the DATE-OBS keyword uses the new CCYY-MM-DD
    date format but with no associated time information.  The time is then
    returned as INDEF and triggers the FPE in the heliocentric correction
    routines.  An HEDIT workaround is described in the buglog entry.

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Last updated: 11 Feb 2000