IRAF Newsletter -- Number 14 -- April 1998

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IMAGES Package Reorganized

The IRAF V2.11 images package has been reorganized by function into the following subpackages.


Image coordinates package


Image filtering package


Image fitting package


Image geometric transformation package


Image matching and combining package


Image utilities package


Image display utilities package

The reorganization was driven by the need to add a large number of new tasks to the package, and to provide a structure that would make finding existing tasks simpler for the user and adding future subpackages simpler for the software developer. The new images package contains 82 tasks, including 26 new tasks from the immatchx and vol external addon package, 6 former proto package tasks, and 1 task from the proto subpackage of NOAO.

Major additions to images include the following:

The undocumented image.imdebug package and its 6 tasks have been removed from the images package. These tasks have been superseded by new tasks in the images or artdata packages that include the capabilities of the old tasks. The source for the old tasks can however still be found in the file images$lib/zzdebug.x , which can be compiled to re-create the old imdebug tasks should they be needed.

By default all the images subpackages are automatically loaded when the CL starts up. As a result the images package reorganization should be mostly transparent to the user and will not affect any existing scripts. However any imdebug task references will have to be changed and old parameter files will not be recognized since the package names have changed.

Lindsey Davis

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Posted: 07May1998