IRAF Newsletter -- Number 14 -- April 1998

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Layered Software Available for IRAF Versions 2.10 and 2.11

The following layered software packages are available from NOAO for installation in IRAF Versions 2.10 and 2.11 (layered software packages are optional IRAF packages not part of the standard distribution, which can be installed into an existing IRAF system). The list below includes only the layered packages developed at NOAO. Numerous additional packages (e.g., TABLES and STSDAS from STScI) are available from other sites.

New IRAF software often appears first in layered packages and is later incorporated directly into the main IRAF release. Hence some of these packages may already be included in the version of IRAF in use at your site. Contact us at if you are unsure what version of the software your IRAF system includes (we will need to know the type of computer you are using and the IRAF version number).

All these layered packages are available via anonymous FTP from the IRAF network archive on ( in the directory iraf/extern and have "readme" files containing instructions for transfer and installation. Contact the IRAF hotline at for further information.

ADC CD-ROM utility package - Two IRAF tasks that extract data from Volume I of the ADC CD-ROM text version. See the article in IRAF Newsletter Number 12 (July 1992).

color - A prototype IRAF color image display package that provides conversion of three bandpass IRAF images to a Sun 24-bit RGB rasterfile format, a 24-bit to 8-bit compression algorithm and Floyd-Steinberg dithering, and an RGB 8-bit pixel dithering algorithm. These tasks allow rendering of three color images for display on common 8-bit color workstations.

crutil - The crutil package contains tasks for removing cosmic rays from images. Some are for single images and some are for multiple exposures.

ctio - A package of miscellaneous IRAF tasks developed at CTIO. Contact for additional information.

digiphotx - The latest version of the digiphot package containing any bug fixes. The current version is installed in V2.11. See the readme file for details on recent revisions.

finder - A package for measuring celestial coordinates from a CCD or other digital images. A plate solution derived from the HST Guide Star Catalog sources in the object field can be transferred to a list of program objects specified by the user. A typical use for the package is to measure coordinates in preparation for observing with a multi-object spectrograph. This package requires IRAF V2.11. See the accompanying article in this Newsletter.

fitsutil - A small package containing multi-extension FITS tools. This package requires IRAF V2.11.

focas - A suite of programs for automatic detection, photometry, matching, classification, and cataloging of astronomical digital images. The program automatically generates a catalog of objects and includes tools for subsequent analysis of the data in these catalogs. This is a collection of C programs that can be run either in the IRAF environment or outside it as a standalone package (Unix platforms only). Contact Frank Valdes ( ) if you are interested in running FOCAS on a VMS platform.

imcnv - Two tasks for converting between various external data formats and IRAF images. These tasks, import and export, are included in the V2.11 release in the dataio package.

immatchx - A set of routines for doing image astrometry and matching image coordinate systems, point spread functions, and intensity scales using a variety of techniques. This package was included with IRAF V2.11 as part of the reorganized and extended IMAGES package.

mfilters - A set of routines for median/modal filtering of images using a variety of techniques. This package was included with IRAF V2.11 as part of the reorganized and extended images package.

mscred - The mscred external package is used to reduce CCD Mosaic data which is in the Mosaic data format. See the accompanying article in this Newsletter.

nmisc - Miscellaneous new tasks from NOAO collected together in a layered package to make them available prior to their release in the main IRAF distribution. Check the readme file for further information on what is provided.

rvx - The IRAF radial velocity analysis package. This is included in IRAF V2.10.3BETA and later versions of IRAF but is also available as a layered package for users with older versions of IRAF, or who want the latest version incorporating any bug fixes.

spptools - A collection of programming tools for IRAF developers working in SPP. Included are tasks to locate and print the calling sequences of procedures, reformat code in a standard format, create or query identifier databases, and create or rename external packages. Of special interest is the spplint task that can be used to perform a Lint-like compile time verification of SPP code. Contact Mike Fitzpatrick ( ) for further information.

vol - A volume rendering package, used to visualize 3D data cubes. See the IRAF Newsletters Number 5 (October 1988) and Number 6 (February 1989) for further information. The tasks im3dtran and imjoin have been included in V2.11 as the tasks im3dtran ( imgeom package) and imjoin ( imutil package).

SAOimage - An X Window System based image display server for IRAF developed originally by SAO (see article in IRAF Newsletter Number 8, October 1989). This software is available in the contrib directory in the IRAF archives. (See also Ximtool from NOAO, and SAOtng from SAO).

uisdisp - Display software for non-DECwindows VMS Workstations. This software was discussed in IRAF Newsletter Number 7 (June 1989). It is included with VMS/IRAF Version 2.10. An update with some small bug fixes is available from the contrib directory in the IRAF archives. Contact Nigel Sharp ( ) for further information.

Additional layered packages from outside NOAO are also available in the contrib directory. The software in the contrib directory is contributed by persons outside the NOAO/IRAF group, and the author or authors of these packages are solely responsible for the software. Users with IRAF-related software they would like to share are encouraged to install their software in this directory (the directory is world writable). Even in cases where a software product is maintained and distributed elsewhere we try to include an entry in contrib pointing to the external software, to make it easier for people to learn about and locate such software.

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