IRAF Newsletter -- Number 14 -- April 1998

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IRAF V2.11 Supported Platforms

The distribution cycle for IRAF V2.11 began with the initial release of V2.11 for the SunOS and Sun Solaris operating systems in late August 1997 (a BETA-test version was released in late June). IRAF V2.11.1 was released for the DEC Alpha (Digital Unix 4.0) and for the HP (running HP-UX 10.20) in late December; a V2.11.1 patch was released at the same time for the SunOS and Sun Solaris systems. In mid-January the first version of PC-IRAF was released, supporting Slackware Linux V3.3, Red Hat Linux V5.0, and FreeBSD V2.2.5. This release of PC-IRAF was built using IRAF V2.11.1, the same version of IRAF as released for the other platforms in late December (see more about PC-IRAF in the accompanying Newsletter article). IRAF V2.11.1 was released in mid-March for the SGI running IRIX 6.2 and the IBM Risc 6000 running AIX 4.1.

As of mid-April 1998 the only remaining V2.11 platform upgrades were for OpenVMS (for both the Alpha and VAX platforms), for DECstation Ultrix, and the two remaining PC-IRAF ports to Solaris x86 and MkLinux. The OpenVMS upgrade is nearly finished but much testing remains to be done. The Solaris x86 port has already been completed but it will be tested and released with MkLinux to save some time. We are waiting for a stable MkLinux DR3 release from Apple to go forward with the MkLinux port.

A V2.11.2 patch is also planned. So far only minor bugs have been found in V2.11. Assuming this continues to be the case and there is no urgent need for a patch, the V2.11.2 patch will not be released until we finish the first round of V2.11 platform upgrades.

As these distributions become available a message will be posted to the adass.iraf.announce newsgroup and mailing list. All distributions are available in the IRAF network archive at in the iraf/v211 directory. Mailed distributions may also be ordered from NOAO on various media. An order form (file /iraf/ORDERFORM ) is available in the IRAF network archive. We must charge a small cost recovery fee for mailed orders.

Support for several old platforms, such as SunOS for the f68881 and ffpa architectures, VAX Ultrix, and Mac A/UX, has been dropped with V2.11. Support for the DECstation running Ultrix will be dropped shortly; the V2.11 build will be done only if the hardware continues to function.

What about other future ports? The PC platforms are the most interesting new platforms at the moment. We plan to eventually port to Windows NT, once key components of the IRAF system software have been upgraded piecemeal to support NT, which will make the eventual IRAF port to NT a lot easier.

Doug Tody

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Posted: 07May1998