IRAF Newsletter -- Number 14 -- April 1998

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PROS Report

Changes to IRAF in the V2.11 release have caused several PROS tasks to fail. Additional failures occurred because of similar effects in the TABLES package which is used extensively by PROS. Other changes are required for V2.11 such as removing the fudge-factor shift of 0.5 pixels in some QPOE tasks which were "invented" to compensate for IRAF bugs which have now been fixed. Also note that NOAO has increased the default buffer sizes for some QPOE parameters so that reading in large data files with tasks such as rarc2pros should have fewer failures.

These fixes have been made and the new version of PROS (PROS 2.5) was released on 10 October 1997. Our extensive testing has been done only on Sun's; we are in the process of testing the port to a DEC Alpha.

A new task imdetect has been added to PROS. It is located in xproto . It is essentially the SASS/HRI detect algorithm, but with a constant value for the background level instead of using a background map. It can work for Axaf Science Center (ASC) or ROSAT data.

About 10 code changes were made in various packages to fix minor problems and additional changes have been made for the implementation of ASC related tasks. Details may be found in the release notes ( help release in the XRAY package).

To assist proposal preparation for cycle 1 of AXAF, we generated scripts to facilitate the conversion of MARX fits events files into QPOE files. We have now implemented this conversion as a task marx2qpoe in xproto . This will be available with a patch to be released during the first quarter of 1998. The patch will also include a few bug fixes, and will be announced, as usual, via our email newsletter, Hints and Pointers .

Dan Harris

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Posted: 07May1998