New List Matching Task - CCXYMATCH

A new list matching task ccxymatch has been added to the image matching package IMMATCH. Ccxymatch matches a pixel coordinate list (the output of the daofind task or a list of cursor positions for example) to a celestial coordinate list (a list of Guide Star positions for example) and produces a single matched coordinate list suitable for input to the plate solution task ccmap.

Ccxymatch works in the same manner as the linxymatch task except that the reference pixel list is replaced with a reference celestial coordinate list. The matching is done using a set of transformation coefficients supplied by the user, a set of tie points supplied by the user, or a pattern matching algorithm which searches for and matches similarly shaped triangles formed from the coordinates in the two lists. In all cases the user supplies a matching tolerance in arcseconds. Tie points can be typed in by the user or defined in a file.

Ccxymatch is available as part of the external add-on package IMMATCH. To retrieve and install immatch, follow the installation instructions found in the readme file.

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Last updated: 25Oct1996