Client Display Library - CDL V1.6 Released

Thu Mar 5 10:48:18 MST 1998

A new version of the IRAF Client Display Library (CDL) is now available. The CDL is a host interface for C or Fortran programs allowing them to display images or overlay graphics to display servers such as XImtool or SAOimage / SAOtng. High-level procedures allow IRAF or FITS images to be displayed simply, other routines permit access to all other server functions (e.g. cursor and image readback, frame selection, etc). The library also features a number of functions for doing image overlay graphics; supported graphics primitives include numerous point shapes, lines, circles, ellipses, polygons, annular shapes, and text.

The initial CDL release provided most of the functionality required for image display or graphic overlay clients, since then a number of new features have evolved that were needed. The V1.6 version number reflects the stop-and-start nature of this work, more work is planned but a release of the new version is long overdue. New features include:

    o  Support for the new V2.11 IRAF OIF image format
    o  A prototype SPP language binding
    o  Full ANSI C function prototype support
    o  Support for variable line widths
    o  A selection of "dashed" line styles 
    o  A selection of text fonts including
                ROMAN           FUTURA          TIMES
                GREEK           BOLD
    o  Sub/Superscripting text
    o  In-line font changes
    o  Support for text line widths
    o  A "virtual" display server that may also be used
       as a 'proxy' server providing an image display "tee"
    o  Numerous bug fixes
See the CDL Reference Guide in the 'doc' subdirectory for details on new features, and the RELEASE-1.6.NOTES file for installation information.

The new version is available, complete with source, documentation, and example tasks as
or the IRAF archive mirror sites (within 24-hours of this announcement) detailed on
This version replaces the previous release, users should consult the RELEASE-1.6.NOTES file in the distribution for possible problems.

Late breaking news about minor updates, or workarounds for problems, will be found at the end of the distribution 'cdl.readme' file (which is updated periodically following a release), or in the adass.iraf.system newsgroup and mailing list. This and other IRAF-related newsgroups are available via email subscription via a form in the IRAF web pages, or by mail to

As always, please report any problems to

Thu Mar 5 10:48:18 MST 1998

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