Client Display Library - CDL

A new library is now available that will allow non-IRAF C or Fortran programs to easily display image or do overlay marking using image servers such as XImtool, SAOtng, and SAOimage. The Client Display Library (CDL) provides all the functionality found in standard IRAF tasks such as DISPLAY and TVMARK, but does not rely on any native IRAF libraries. It may be used from IMFORT programs or can be used by any application needing to display or mark images. Features include:

    Image Display
	- Connections on sockets or fifos
	- Hi-level display of IRAF, FITS or arbirary rasters of any datatype
	- Cursor readback
	- Subraster image I/O
	- Automatic Z-scaling of images (as used in the DISPLAY task)
	- Automatic frame buffer selection option
	- Hardcopy from the client

    Overlay Graphics 
	- Marker Primitives
	    - Point  (10 basic types providing dozens of combinations)
	    - Line
	    - Box (fill optional)
	    - Circle  (fill optional)
	    - Circular Annuli
	    - Polyline
	    - Polygon (fill optional)
	    - Ellipse (arbitrary size and rotation)
	    - Elliptical Annuli (arbitrary size and rotation)
	    - Text (arbitrary size and rotation)
	- Allows erasure of markers

The CDL runs on all supported Unix platforms with any of the currently used display servers. Includes full documentation and example tasks in both C and Fortran.

The CDL and a readme is available as a compressed tar file of sources from

This will also be available from the IRAF mirror sites
within 24-hrs of this announcement. A new European mirror site will be announced shortly. Anyone with problems, questions, or suggestions should feel free to contact or post to the adass-iraf-programming newsgroup.
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Last updated: 12Mar1997