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What's New!

X11IRAF V1.2 RELEASED, May 1, 2000
A new version of the X11IRAF tools (XGterm, XImtool, etc) is now available from the IRAF network archive
Host CL Scripting Capability, March 2, 2000
Starting with V2.11.2 IRAF CL scripts have had the capability of being executed as host commands. This page descibes the fundamentals of writing CL scripts which can be executed a host commands.
V2.11.3 Applications Patch, February 11, 2000
Due primarily to a serious bug in the V2.11.3 version of onedspec.dispcor (see notes below) we are issuing an applications patch for IRAF V2.11.3. Since we already had to put out a patch we included a few other more minor applications bug fixes as well. This patch affects the TV.IMEDIT task and the ONEDSPEC, APEXTRACT, and RV packages. No other IRAF software is affected. The patch includes new executables for the above packages, plus updates for a number of runtime and source files.
IRAF V2.11.3 RELEASED, December 7, 1999
An upgrade to IRAF V2.11.3 for all SunOS and Solaris platforms is now available on in the /iraf/v211 /SSOL directory. Both the full distribution and patches for older V2.11.1 and V2.11.2 systems are available. See the README file in the distribution directory for details.
A major new release of PC-IRAF is now available for all supported PC-IRAF platforms. This includes FreeBSD, Slackware Linux, RedHat Linux, SuSE Linux (new port; mostly used in Europe), and Solaris x86 (new release). Linux on the Macintosh is not yet supported, although it is next up on our platform support queue.
PC-IRAF for RedHat 6.0, May 23, 1999
A emergency-port of PC-IRAF V2.11 for RedHat 6.0 systems is now available in the IRAF archives on
IRAF V211 OpenVMS Now Available, Feb 9, 1999
IRAF V2.11 support for VMS systems running OpenVMS 7.1 and later versions is now available in the IRAF archives on
IRAF Y2K Compliance Statement, Dec 14, 1998
A statement describing the current IRAF Y2K compliance and plans for changes required to fix Y2K problems in IRAF is now available.
SGI and IBM V2.11.1 Released, Mar 22, 1998
IRAF V2.11 support for SGI systems running IRIX 6 and for IBM systems running AIX 4 is now available in the IRAF archives on
IRAF at the San Diego AAS, Mar 8, 1998
Members of the IRAF User's Committee and the IRAF Group from NOAO and Technical Working Group projects from elsewhere (such as STSDAS, AXAF, etc) will hold an informal lunch-time discussion (1-2pm) on Wednesday, June 10, for users of the IRAF data analysis system as part of the June 1998 meeting of the American Astronomical Society in San Diego.
CDL V1.6 Released, Mar 5, 1998
A new version of the IRAF Client Display Library (CDL) is now available.
PC-IRAF V2.11.1 Released, Jan 27, 1998
The initial release of PC-IRAF is now available. This replaces the old V2.10 Linux/IRAF release which only supported Slackware Linux.
SunOS/Solaris V2.11.1 Patch Released, Dec 27, 1998
The first patch to Sun/IRAF, upgrading the system to V2.11.1, is now available. This includes support for Solaris 2.6.
DEC Alpha and HP-UX IRAF V2.11.1 Released , Dec 27, 1998
The following new IRAF V2.11 platform upgrades are now available:
IRAF V2.11EXPORT Released, Aug 30, 1997
IRAF V2.11EXPORT is now available for SunOS and Sun Solaris platforms. Distributions for all other supported IRAF platforms are in preparation and will follow as soon as possible.
IRAF V2.11BETA Released, June 30, 1997
IRAF V2.11BETA, for SunOS and Sun Solaris, is now available from the IRAF FTP archives at in the /pub/v211-beta directory. This is a BETA release of V2.11; the final (EXPORT) V2.11 distribution for SunOS and Solaris will be available in July, with other platforms following throughout the summer.
X11IRAF Release Updated, April 5, 1997
The X11IRAF V1.0 distribution has been updated and now includes all accumulated bug fixes since the release March 12. If you experience any problems please update to the new version.
Mirror of NOAO IRAF Archive now available at ST-ECF, Mar 19, 1997
In order to make access to the IRAF archive easier for local ESO users and European users in general a "mirror" of the NOAO IRAF ftp directory tree, including all the Web pages, has been established at the ST-ECF.
New Library for Image Display from Host Programs , Mar 12, 1997
A new library is now available that will allow C or Fortran programs to display images or draw into the graphics overlay using the XImtool image server and image viewers which emulate the XImtool client protocol such as SAOtng, SAOimage, and IPAC Skyview.
New X11IRAF Release Now Available, Mar 12, 1997
A new version of the X11IRAF graphics and imaging package (including the utilities xgterm, ximtool, and xtapemon) is now available from the IRAF archives and mirror sites in the /iraf/x11iraf directory.
New List Matching Task, Oct 25, 1996
A new task ccxymatch for matching celestial and pixel coordinate lists has been added to the image matching package IMMATCH.
IRIX/IRAF updated, July 24, 1996
IRIX/IRAF V2.10.4p2 is now available.
V2.10.4 Patch 2, July 24, 1996
IRAF V2.10.4 patch 2 is now available for selected platforms.
New Image Astrometry Tasks, May 17, 1996
Three new tasks for doing simple image astrometry have been added to the image matching package IMMATCH.
New Celestial Coordinate Transformation Task, April 24, 1996
A new task imctran for transforming image celestial coordinate systems from one coordinate system to another has been added to the image matching package IMMATCH.
IRAF User's Committee Report Available, April 19, 1996
The IRAF Users Committee, which met Feb 6 of this year, has released it's report reviewing the status of IRAF and suggesting priorities in the coming year.
Installation Documentation Now On-Line, April 11, 1996
The Installation Guides and Site Manager's Guides for all currently supported platforms are now available as HTML documents.
PSF Measurement Improvements, April 5, 1996
Several improvements have been made in the PSF measurements performed by imexamine, psfmeasure, starfocus, and kpnofocus. The new versions are available in the nmisc external package.
New Celestial Coordinate Transformation Task, December 12, 1995
A new task skyctran for transforming coordinate lists from one celestial coordinate system to another has been added to the image matching package IMMATCH.
New Image Registration Tasks, December 12, 1995
Three new celestial world coordinate system based image registration tasks skyxymatch, skymap, and sregister have been added to the image matching package IMMATCH.
New Filtering Package - MFILTERS, November 28, 1995
The mfilters package contains a set of routines for median/modal filtering 1D and 2D images using a variety of window geometries and filtering algorithms.
IRAF V2.10.4 CD-ROM, October 12, 1995
The IRAF V2.10.4 release is now available on CD-ROM for those who cannot or prefer not to download the distributions from our anonymous ftp archive. It may be ordered by returning the ORDERFORM found in our ftp archive.
Linux/IRAF V2.10.4 Released, September 7, 1995
The IRAF V2.10.4 release for Linux is now out. This can be picked up in the distribution directory or you can order a tape or CDROM copy of the distribution from us. See for more information on Linux/IRAF and the PC-IRAF project.
New Image Matching Task - LINXYMATCH, July 31, 1995
Linxymatch takes a reference and input coordinate list whose coordinate systems are not the same and produces a single matched coordinate list suitable for input into the image registration tasks geomap/geotran. New in IMMATCH.
Search capability added to web pages, July 20, 1995
In an effort to make the web pages ever more useful several new search forms have been added to various pages, these have also been pulled together into one master search page.
New Image Matching Package - IMMATCH, July 5, 1995
The immatch package contains a set of routines for registering, matching the point spread functions, and matching the intensity scales of two or more 1D abd 2D images using a variety of techniques.
IRAF V2.10.4 Released, June 8, 1995
V2.10.4 is primarily a bug fix and system support release. This release adds support for Solaris 2.4 and the DEC Alpha running OSF/1, and fixes numerous, mostly minor, bugs in V2.10.3BETA.

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Last updated: 19Mar1997