IRIX/IRAF updated

The second patch to IRAF V2.10.4 (V2.10.4-p2) is now available for SGI IRIX 5 systems from our archive directory. This was essentially a new port and is a major upgrade for this platform. All active SGI/IRAF sites should install this release. The port was done under IRIX 5.3; we plan to upgrade to IRIX 6.x later this year and release a new version of IRIX/IRAF at that time. See the V2.10.4 patch 2 announcement for more information and a detailed list of changes.

X11IRAF binaries for the SGI (IRIX 5.3) have been added to the IRAF network archives (see /pub/v2103-beta). This includes binaries for xgterm, ximtool, and xtapemon.

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Last updated: 24Jul1996