IRIX and AIX4 V2.11 RELEASED (patch level V2.11.1)

IRAF V2.11 support for SGI systems running IRIX 6 and for IBM systems running AIX 4 is now available in the IRAF archives on

All of the above are at patch level V2.11.1, the same version of IRAF as for all the other currently released V2.11 platforms (plus a few additional bug fixes found in recent testing).

See the distribution README files for additional detailed information on each release, including notes on the different platforms. These are online in the distribution directories as
As always, please report any problems including any errors in the release documentation, especially if you encounter problems shortly after a release.

Late breaking news about minor updates, or workarounds for installation problems, will be found at the end of the distribution README file (which is updated periodically following a release), or in the adass.iraf.system newsgroup and mailing list. This and other IRAF-related newsgroups are available via email subscription via a form in the IRAF web pages, or by mail to

V2.11 upgrades still pending include OpenVMS, and new support for Solaris x86 and MkLinux in PC-IRAF (for MkLinux we are still waiting for DR3 to be released). There will probably also be a release for DECstation Ultrix although we plan to drop support for this old platform after the V2.11 update.

Sun Mar 22 20:53:36 MST 1998