New Image Matching Task - LINXYMATCH

A new task linxymatch has been added to the image matching package IMMATCH. Linxymatch takes a reference and input coordinate list whose coordinate systems are not the same, matches the input list to the reference list using a linear transformation, and produces a single matched coordinate list suitable for input into the image registration tasks geomap/geotran. The matching is done using either a set of tie points supplied by the user or a pattern matching algorithm which searches for and matches similarly shaped triangles formed from the coordinates in the two lists. In both cases the user supplies a matching tolerance in pixels. Tie points can be defined with the image display and image cursor, typed in by the user, or defined in a file.

Linxymatch is available as part of the external add-on package IMMATCH. To retrieve and install immatch, follow the installation instructions found in the readme file.

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Last updated: 9June1995