IRAF V2.10.4 Patch-2 Released

V2.10.4 patch 2 is a platform support release as well as a bug fix and minor enhancement release. The SunOS, Solaris, DEC Alpha/OSF, and Linux (with ELF support) patches are available now. A new port of IRAF to SGI/IRIX 5 is also available. On Solaris platforms, patch 2 (V2.10.4-p2) adds support for Solaris 2.5 and the SunSoft version 4 compilers. The Linux upgrade fully supports compilation on ELF systems but is still uses a.out format binaries. Support for IRIX 6 on SGI/IRAF is planned for later this year.

In addition to updated platform support the patch contains selected system and applications bug fixes, and a number of minor feature enhancements to support outside projects. These changes are summarized in the announcement for the release.

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Last updated: 24Jul1996