IRAF V2.11EXPORT Now Available
(Aug 30, 1997)

IRAF V2.11EXPORT is now available for SunOS and Sun Solaris platforms. Distributions for all other supported IRAF platforms are in preparation and will follow as soon as possible.

A single installation of Sun/IRAF will now simultaneously support both SunOS and Solaris. The distribution files can be found in the IRAF network archive ( in the /iraf/v211/SSOL directory. Be sure to review the README file in the distribution directory as well as the new Installation Guide and Site Manager's Guide; since this is a major release of IRAF there have been minor changes in the installation procedures. These materials will also be available soon on the IRAF Web pages at

A summary of the changes in the V2.11 release can be found in the IRAF V2.11 release notes ( or on the Web via the IRAF web pages). Comprehensive system notes can be found in the file iraf/v211/sysnotes.v211, or in the installed system as $iraf/local/notes.v211.

IRAF V2.11 contains many system enhancements including a new FITS image kernel, allowing runtime read and write access to FITS files on disk, and changes to the RFITS and WFITS and other FITS-support tasks to add support for multi-extension FITS files. There is a new version of the native runtime IRAF image format providing machine independent images and enhanced efficiency. The system now supports long filenames. Most of the new IRAF science software developed in the past several years, and released initially in external packages, has been incorporated into the V2.11 release. The IMAGES package has been re-organized and the image matching package has been integrated. See the release notes for a fuller summary of these and other changes in V2.11.

The V2.11EXPORT release and associated documentation is available now from the distribution directory; it may be several days however before we finish updating the web pages.

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Last updated: 30Aug1997