DEC Alpha and HP-UX IRAF-V2.11 platform upgrades released (December 27, 1997)

The following new IRAF V2.11 platform upgrades are now available:

All of the above platforms are at the same IRAF patch level, V2.11.1, the most recent version of IRAF V2.11. Distributions will be found in Please read the README file in the distribution directory for platform specific release notes and instructions, plus technical notes on any late-breaking problems found or updates made since this announcement. Follow-up notes on these releases are posted to the adass.iraf.system newsgroup (also available as a moderated mailing list if you have given up on USENET; subscriptions are available via the IRAF web pages).

We are working with STScI to get precompiled binaries online for TABLES and STSDAS on the DEC Alpha and HP. STScI is planning a patch in the near future to update these packages to V2.11.1, fix porting bugs and probably add some new features, but we may be able to provide interim binaries for use in the meantime since we have the platforms here and we always build these packages when we do a platform upgrade. When ready, these will be found within the /contrib/tables and /contrib/stsdas subdirectories on

PC-IRAF (e.g. Linux) should be out next, followed by SGI IRIX/IRAF and IBM AIX/IRAF, then the other platforms (OpenVMS, VAX/VMS, Decstation etc.).

A summary of the more important revisions made since the initial 8/29 release follows. See the V2.11 system notes file included in the patch for a complete list of the changes (file $iraf/local/notes.v211).

As always, please report any problems including errors in the release documentation, especially if you install a distribution within several days of this announcement.

Sat Dec 27 23:21:35 MST 1997