IRAF Packages and Tasks

GUI Spectrum Display and Analysis Tool. (1999-08-13)
Spectroscopic Exposure Time Calculator. (1999-03-04)

Keywords and Data Formats

Functional Corrections and Axes Coupling in FITS WCS
A proposal for general distortion corrections and for coupling of axes. This is particularly appropriate for spectral data. (2001-06-29)
Proposal for FITS WCS Dimensionality
A proposal for dealing with images of lower dimensionality than the WCS. (2001-29-29)
Spectral WCS Conventions
Convention that spectral data always be represented by a 3D WCS. than the WCS. (2001-29-29)
Description of 2D Spectroscopic Image Data
A proposal for describing the contents of 2D spectrscopic image data for the automation of spectral extraction. (2000-03-17)
Charge Shuffling of Spectral Data
Discussion of data defintions for charge shuffling. (2000-03-09)
One-Dimensional FITS Spectral Data Format
Proposal for a FITS one-dimensional spectral format. This is currently an internal draft. (2001-04-10)
IRAF/NOAO One-Dimensional Spectral Data
Spectral data for the IRAF/NOAO one-dimensional spectroscopy tasks. This is currently an internal draft. (2001-04-10)

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Last updated: 10Apr2001